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Whether you are a public relations, concierge, or club owner, CLICKNVIP offers you the perfect tool to reserve a table, manage your Vip table plan or create and manage events independently.

Work with professionals

We have Public Relations and Concierges throughout Europe, so we promote the sale of services and expand the area of customer acquisition.

Select your audience

We offer a medium high customer target.

We guarantee that the client arrives and pays the rest of the reserved table upon arrival at the club.

Create customized promotions

You can create and edit or upload your Vip plan in jpg format for customers to choose their tables and services from anywhere.

You can create events, modify prices or block the tables at your convenience.

CLICKNVIP gives you the option to auction your club's best table.

Manage everything from your mobile

Download our App and work from anywhere.

CLICKNVIP is your digital and parallel sales channel that adds sales to your club.


Wherever you are, CLICKNVIP is your ideal tool so you can offer your clients the best service.

  • You can manage reservations to your clients from any country where CLICKNVIP has associated clubs.
  • Your customers should only enter your concierge or public relations number to make a reservation.
  • Your customers will not have to register, so we maintain their privacy.
  • You will receive commissions on any reservation done with your personal Pr code.
  • We will keep you updated on events, changes in reservation policy, prices and club services.
  • We also offer door-to-door service, if requested by your client.


CLICKNVIP is an effective tool for clubs to have an efficient back-office to manage all VIP areas.

  • It allows you to create on-line plans and manage your reservations for each event, day or night.
  • Your PR team can make reservations from CLICKNVIP with your reservation policy without CLICKNVIP commissioning.
  • You can modify prices.
  • You can move the tables according to your convenience.
  • You can block the tables previously sold to avoid double reservations and keep the order of day or night reservations.
  • You have the possibility to add exclusive services, including maximum reservation time.
  • You can create more attractive packages for the client.
  • We give you the option to auction the best table in the store, which gives added value for VIP customers.
  • We offer assistance 24/7.
  • We help you in everything you need, from the registration of your club, configuration of plans,record of your public relations, doubts...

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