Night Club

How to have fun in Ischgl in VIP places

Ischgl is one of the luxury tourist destinations in Europe, it's a ski resort villa in western Austria that can be enjoyed in both summer and winter and you can fly in an exclusive private jet just for you, your friends and your family.

There are so many things you can do in Ischgl that it would be almost impossible to get bored in this luxury heavenly destination. You can visit Erlebnispark Vider Truja a luxury and exclusive resort where you can do literally everything: ski, lodge, have meals... or you can go to Berglisee if you want a little outdoor adventure with no snow around. You can enjoy a lavish and relaxing day at Aqua Dome - Tirol Therme Laengenfeld in summer or winter and then indulge yourself in the luxury PACHA or SHOWERAMA nightclubs.

What's the best luxury nightclub in Ischgl?

If you want to experience a night of luxury, decadence and first-class attention, you must reserve a table at the exclusive ISCHGL PACHA. Its mission is to offer a VIP service of the highest class, so, its staff is highly qualified to serve even the most demanding customers, have bottle service, private waiters, and serve Grey Goose, one of the most exclusive alcoholic drinks in the world. In PACHA you will be able to enjoy with friends, dance all night, have fun and flirt if it is in your plans, since only VIP people enter the club.

Where to experience indulgence and luxury care?

There are two places full of luxury where you can simply chill out or go after skiing to relax all your muscles in Ischgl's premium VIP style

Silvretta Center and Aquia Dome - Tirol Therme Laengenfeld. Both have thermal pools, saunas, VIP care, SPA area and gym. 

Aqua Dome - TirolTherme Laengenfeld lies between the alpine mountains, so you'll breathe the purest natural air and have a breathtaking view. It has a special area for children and a space called SPA3000 that is simply full of decadence in every corner to pamper you to the utmost. Its premium VIP attention will make you feel in heaven.

Enjoy Ischgl from the sky

Complete your experience in this luxury city by flying over it by helicopter or airplane. Rent a helicopter just for you and your fellow travelers and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery of the luxury villas of Ischgl. You can fly by day and be amazed by the snow and its breathtaking natural landscapes, or you can do it at night and enjoy the city lights on a deluxe romantic tour.

Do you want something more adventurous but still full of luxury and decadence? Try heli-skiing, or downhill helicopter skiing as it is undoubtedly the best experience of freeride skiing. This upscale and extravagant activity, suitable only for exclusive people and with nerves of steel, will give you unique sensations, offering you great freedom and allowing you to reach the places with the best snow conditions both from the point of view of skiing and safety. 

Can you imagine jumping from a helicopter to descend a mountain and prove your skills? 
In Ischgl you can do that and more!