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Luxury Lifestyle in Mallorca: four ideas to enjoy the island

Glamour and Luxury are two words that define Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the largest island in Spain. Its location between Italy, Spain and France attracts tourists looking for unique experiences, comfort, luxury and top brand products.

Sailing on board of a luxury yacht just watching the historic helmet of Palma on the sea, walking through the Paseo del Borne between buildings and sophisticated national and international stores, hosting in the top VIP hotels in the capital, are some experiences that you should enjoy here in Mallorca. We are are going to show you a guide with four activities and places that you can enjoy here:

·Enjoy the best dinner shows and festivals in the city with VIP attention

The restaurants scenes in Mallorca are simply spectacular, the top-quality shows and the cuisine are one of the most vanguardism that makes it a gourmet paradise. The most incredible and VIP places that you can go are: Stage for concerts, Son Amar and Vampirika if you want to delight with a dinner show while you’re drinking and eating.

·Luxury Beach Clubs in Mallorca are synonymous with sophisticated partying 

The customer service in these lovely places is designed to fill even the most demanding customer needs. You can go to Puro Beach, a club near the ocean that offers a pool, a gourmet restaurant and a SPA to pamper you throughout your stay. 

Island Beach Club and Nikki Beach are clubs that burst onto the party scene on the island, both have top-quality Balinese beds to complete your VIP experience, a waiter service that fulfill all your wishes and incredible music that liven up the best pool parties here in Mallorca. 

·Enjoy the most VIP sports on the paradisiac island

Get involved with your favorite sport or experiment something completely new. If you are a professional, you can participate in Mallorca Open, the first WAT Tennis Tournament on the island, that offers a quality VIP experience and sensation in the field, and even if you only are a newbie in this sport or you only want to attend to an event and get some unforgettable memories you will get them because the excellent service and the VIP hospitality with its relaxed atmosphere make you feel comfortable. 

·Night on the island: Disco nightclubs and rooftop, a VIP experience that is a MUST in your trip to Mallorca

We bring you 5 discos that you can book here in our pages and the best VIP rooftop:

Tito’s Mallorca offers so many environments, atmospheres, music styles, several rooms and the opportunity to see the best DJs and artists of the moment while they preform in the stage. It is perfect if you are looking for party, luxury and new experiences, for book with us click here.

Social Boutique Club, located in the heart of Paseo Marítimo, brings you the opportunity to be in one of the fanciest nightclubs on the island. Its atmosphere is full of luxury on every corner, the techno and house music make you feel full of energy. The customer and waiter service are the best here, and they want to fulfil all your desires, something that elevates the experience to another level.

Stage, GGBC and Monkey Mind are nightclubs that offer VIP attention, and top-quality luxury experience. 

The best rooftop party in Mallorca is “Welcome to 90’s”, that brings you back to the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s with full luxury and decadence of the age.