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The best places in Madrid for have the best VIP experience

Everyone knows that there are thousands of things to see and activities to do in Madrid, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. But the luxury lifestyle in Madrid marks the difference on everything you are planning to do, since going to an adventure on Aventura Amazonia in the center of Cercedilla, walking through Parque Europa, take a helicopter ride and get to know Madrid from the heights, are just the peak of what Madrid can offer to you. 

Madrid is known for its Premium experience and luxury lifestyle so if you are looking for living a VIP experience and having an exciting time during your trip here, book right now with us your VIP services in Madrid. What can you do in the city of luxury? We are going to explain to you right here, right now:

During the night go to the most exclusive VIP nightclubs in the city

No matters if you' re a partier or simply would like to savor the city's luxury nightlife, Madrid has exactly the right places for you!

VIP Parties in Madrid

If you are looking for a Premium experience and want to party all night long, you will get the best VIP service in Madrid’s clubs:

OPIUM MADRID: it’s is one of the most exclusive VIP nightclubs in Madrid, starting from its lemma: “The ordinary becomes extraordinary here in OPIUM” . It offers door to door service from OPIUM Madrid. The atmosphere melts pure luxury in all its expression: from all kind of music: house, reggaeton, funky and techno to its private waiters’ services to complete your VIP Premium experience here. Book your VIP Table with us.

Tiffany’s the Club: so exclusive that you must book your entrance with us. The club has an extravagant and luxurious atmosphere that will make all your senses burst with so many emotions and sensations that you'll definitely like to return. They offer private waiters (if you book it before and a VIP lounge if your party style is less crazy.

Bling Bling Madrid: with a touch of elegancy, you will discover what is a Madrileña night with its music that goes from Latino, R&B, Hits to House. They offer bottle service and the atmosphere is just so Disco that you’ll want to dance all night long.

VIP Dinner Shows

Looking for something a little calmer but still full of VIP Premium attention? Book a VIP table at OPIUM MADRID or Koh Tao, the have THE BEST VIP Attention ever, bottle services, the food is beyond this world and the shows are just so stunning that your mind will be out of control. 

Best VIP events in Madrid

Do you want to experiment the culture of this vibrant and luxury city? Visit the National Museum “Prado de Madrid” where you can see the finest collection of European art, or the Museum of History Of Madrid in the downtown of the city if you want to know all the history about this beautiful city full of color.