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Hight social lifestyle in Marbella, what to do

Marbella is one of the most heavenly destinations in Spain, their luxury lifestyle, VIP beaches and exclusive clubs will make your stay in this delightfully magnificent place an unforgettable and unique premium VIP experience.

Can you imagine going on an unforgettable adventure through the archeological promenade with a private VIP service just for you and your friends? Go shopping in the most luxury, exclusive and premium shops in the city? Or visit the best beach clubs that exist in this luxury city? That and more (from bottle service, luxury car rentals, private waiters to private chauffeurs...) you can book them with us.

· What are the best Premium VIP Beach clubs in Marbella?

We highly recommend Kah, Puro Beach Marbella, Nikki Beach Marbella and Nao. All have atmospheres full of luxury, extravagance, sumptuousness and the best VIP attention that will make your visit to these clubs irresistible and simply magnificent: ideal to pamper even the most sophisticated and demanding wishes.

Nikki Beach Marbella brings you a VIP restaurant, hotel, private resort and even shops so that your whole sojourn will be full of luxuries, premium service, comforts and relaxed lifestyle, all in front of the paradisiac ocean.

Kah will simply take your breath away, from the moment you step in you will feel the luxury in all the expression of the word. You'll probably want it to be your second home every time you visit Marbella.

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, you can find Puro Beach Marbella, has an atmosphere so relaxed and lush, which is ideal for escaping the stressful routine and work-related stress. You can enjoy the best Balinese beds on the coast and receive a well-deserved VIP massage that will prepare you to party all night with their excellent VIP DJs. In addition, you can also indulge yourself with their international dishes, they are so delicious that every bite will redefine the word luxury and gourmet in your mouth.   

Are you looking for a complete summer experience full of luxury and VIP Premium care? Nao is the ideal exclusive beach club for your summer vacations. You can spend the day lying in the comfortable and lavish Balinese beds enjoying the creations of its famous chef and super professional team who seek to awaken and shake all your senses.

· What is the best and most exclusive VIP nightclub in Marbella?

If you want to celebrate with luxury and VIP attention, La Suite is the right place: its entire atmosphere will make you feel a VIP experience party: it is a mixture between a New York loft and the heritage of the Roman hotel of its structure.

Full of decadence and luxury,La Suite has 600 m2 to celebrate, both outdoors on its terrace and indoors. In addition, there is a large list of world-renowned DJs who show up every week.

· What else can I do in Marbella?

Do you want more? Visit Puerto Banus, one of the most upscale in this city, charter a private yacht and enjoy a day at sea full of luxury, pampering and premium care. Each yacht's staff is specially trained to handle even the most demanding passengers for bringing them a magical, luxurious and unforgettable experience.